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The Biscuit with a Cause

What made Rosquillos Corazon special is its creamier flavor, and the value of sharing instilled in every box. This biscuit was made for a reason-a portion of the proceeds from every purchase of Rosquillos Corazon goes to the company's charity programs. It really is not just a Rosquillos, it is Rosquillos Corazon, the Rosquillos with a heart.


The Classic Favorite

There are lots of things that made Titay's Rosquillos special. It is its lingering sweetness, comforting aroma, and timeless flavor that captured the hearts of many. The enjoyment of wearing it around each finger and the classic taste and sound of its smooth crunchiness are few of the things that never changed and will never ever change. Titay's Rosquillos brings comfort and happiness, an all-time favorite, and undeniably, a classic.


A Sweet Cebuano Experience

This crunchy, sugar-topped biscuit is a native Cebu delicacy thus speaks about the island in more ways than one-from its oval shape, to its simplicity and charm. Otap is daintily wrapped in wax paper to seal its oven freshness and crisp. Experience this old-favorite and experience a tiny part of Cebu- sweet and stunning.


Flaky Brown Crunch

Unwrap and experience this wholesome crackle in every bite. A flaky biscuit that packs in more crunch; Titay's Hojaldres is a festival of mouth-watering layers made more delightful with sprinkles of sugar on top. Titay's Hojaldres is made with the scrumptious layers browned to perfection.


Beautifully Indulging

A flower-shaped biscuit made with flour, butter, and eggs, with a dash of anise seeds to make it aromatic and flavorful. Every bite showcases a distinct taste that makes Galletas Del Carmen a symphony of exquisiteness and flavor.


A Simple, Unforgettable Delight

Titay's Galletas De Bato is a simple mixture of flour and eggs with a touch of Anise to create decadent, unforgettable flavor. This thin and powdery native biscuit from Bato Leyte is a delicacy not to be missed.


A Unique and Special Kind of Polvoron

This is our take on the traditional Spanish shortbread, polvorones. Discover a unique biscuit made with butter, milk, eggs, flour, and Muscovado sugar guaranteed to tease your palate. Grab a bite of another Titay's original and you'll know why this round cookie is worth taking home.


Your Best Biscuit Surprise

Another original creation from Titay's; Sinudlan is a unique biscuit filled with young coconut strips mixed with brown sugar, or bukayo then baked to perfection giving you this sweet-smelling, scrumptious treat. Be sure to crack its shell before munching.


The drive to give and meet the demands of the people made Titay's explore the world of delightful breads. Titay's passion is to deliver only the best to suffice every palate of every bread lovers. Breads of different shapes, textures, and tastes with that charismatic aroma would surely linger in your senses since thishas always been the goal of our bakers to serve you right with delight.


Aside from the classic biscuits Titay's offered for over a hundred years, a wide variety of Pastries are now also available. Each kind was baked in such a way that flavors burst covering all surfaces of the goodies delivering that mouthwatering taste it has to be and we ought to be. Every bite is a delight and every crumble you stumble for more. Take a bite and experience the Titay's way of intoxication.


As we all know, Titay's is a family business run by generations to generations. Titay's Coffee is a leaving legacy of the third generationsbefore handling over the business to their children or the fourth generations. These third generations are the grandsons of Mama Titay very known for their nicknames as DodongDaku and DodongGamay. The coffees are made of pure Arabica beans to express their pure love of service and have sizes named after DodongDaku and DodongGamay to share a tale of brilliance from their generation.


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